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Lucky White Paw

There are lots of wonderful things about Jasper, but one of the things that caused me to fall in love with him is his beautiful white paw. It’s so sweet and kissable (I know I’m not the only one that loves the smell of doggie paws).

I consider it his lucky paw as it snuck into my heart the day he arrived as an emergency foster – and as many of you already know he never left 🙂

I have heard great things about the Thundershirt so decided to give one a go. Although named Thundershirt, they are aimed at helping dogs with various anxieties in addition to fear of thunder, as you can see on the above link.

I am not wishing for a thunder storm by any means but thought it would be good to get one ahead of fireworks time as one of my dogs hates fireworks. Someone (that’s the polite version) was letting the things off one light and sunny summer evening a little while ago as we were out walking and terrified my dog. He’s still wary on the walk, even weeks later 😦

Aside from the intended reduction in anxiety, they look rather cute too 🙂

You can buy them in the UK – mine came (very quickly!) from Doorstep Paws. I’ll update later on in the year after we’ve endured evenings of loud bangs!

No more apples …

We have an apple tree in the garden and certain dogs love to eat the ones that have fallen (and the ones that get picked for them if they’re extra good!).

I try to restrict apple munching so that they don’t have *too* many each day. Not sure they were too impressed when I told them it was time to stop eating and come inside … 😉

Our oldie, Jasper, wondering if anything is private these days …

This week I have been reminded, for a sad, sad reason, of the importance of photography. For me at least.

Cassie, one of our beloved dogs, passed away less than a week ago after she became suddenly and seriously ill. In time I will write much about her, but for now I am gaining comfort in the photographs we have of her. We adopted her at 12 months and she passed away at the age of 12.

My heart is breaking right now, but the photographs I have taken of her hold many happy memories.

Cassie you were a beautiful, loyal, gentle, kind, loving girl and one of our very best friends for 11 years. We will love you always. Sleep tight my love ♥.